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Is Ukraine being too happy, sad...other adjectives I can't think of at the moment? Or do you just want to leave a concerned note on how I'm playing her?

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May. 10th, 2013 01:13 pm
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I am a prey with a role. I am a watcher. I can look at one person's window a night and see if it is lit or dark. 

A hunters will always be lit, but so will a prey with a job who is choosing to use it that night. Like me, or a doctor.

If they don't use it, it won't be lit. A normal prey's will always be dark.
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[Ukraine does her best to seem normal as she pulls Lithuania aside to have another talk with him. But the moment they're locked in her cabin, her emotions show up better on her face, she's nervous, edgy and yes, slightly more then she has been before.]

I watched England's window last night.

It was lit up.
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Ah....I should apologize for how I was acting. ....

And...happy holidays. I hope everyone is feeling better.

[A. BROTHER: Ukraine is at your door. She's going to let herself in soon if you don't answer. Answer the door brother. Don't make her imitate sister.

B. ESTONIA, someone let her into your house. knocking on the door to your room.

C. Dropping off presents. Housemates and Hajime get theirs at home but, Susan, Luke, Clark, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Sora, Kotomi, Ivy are getting a knock on their door. (ooc: if your character knows Ukraine and I forget them, feel free to pick this option.)]
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[Hello Mayfield. Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Russia? Well for one. ...there are two sisters without a brother. And Ukraine has had to take charge a lot more. As your maps start to fade and the Ukrainain nation starts to grow in size in your memories. Ukraine starts to take on ...some ....different traits.]

Poland, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and any other nations who'd care to listen. I'd like your attention please.

Now then. We don't normally celebrate Christmas until January, but I thought it would be nice if we all got together for a dinner of some sort on the twenty fifth. My sister and Latvia will not be able to join us of course. And....well ....there's well...

[For a moment she thinks she's forgetting something. But no. There's no one....]

Estonia. Of course. I'll expect you there. Don't make me come and find you.

I wish everyone a happy holidays. Please stop by the flower shop someday. We have some lovely flowers for the holidays again. Be careful of the snow though. You never know when General Winter will show up after all.....


A. At home. Ukraine is humming and cleaning things up in the house. 

B. You're at the flower shop. Looking around. When suddenly.]

Can I help you?

[There is a Ukraine behind you.]

[C. In the park building a snowman. This is nothing compared to her winters back home. She doesn't seem cold at all.]
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Ah....w-well it's another holiday coming up. Remember if candy appears in your house, it m-might be a good idea not to eat it. They're probably poisoned or make you act differently ...or make you stalk and break into peoples houses and watch them sleep....also glitter

ah....Things like that. 

Oh, that reminds me. I thought it would be nice if sometime we celebrated some holidays other then American ones. It might stop the town from ruining them t-too,....

So does anyone have any holidays they'd like to celebrate?

....oh and also ...Russia is gone again.

[Filtered to Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Belarus, Canada]

Ah....I d-don't know if you spoke to him y-et...but ...Germany is here....a-and he's from....1942....just thought I should tell case you run into him. 

[A is for Anna/Nina..... Nina....someone is knocking on your door.....Nina....

B. Ukraine is working in the flower store. If you come in the store, she'll be arranging some sun flowers. ]

Oh...hello?...Can I help you with something?

[C. Ukraine is outside her house, raking some leaves and singing a song in Ukrainian. Watch out for stray leaves hitting you if you walk by]
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I actually got a break from an event for once. That was rather nice. I hope it wasn't too hard on everyone though. Is everyone all right?

Oh. I was thinking of offering knitting lessons if anyone was interested in them. Just call back if you are.

[A. In the house, checking up on her two daughters.

B. Working at the flower shop, just putting some flowers on display.

C. If you're not responding to the phone or seeing her at the flower shop and Ukraine knows you, she is coming over to visit.]

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 [Filtered to all Nations]

Ah, y-you might know by now....b-but my brother again. 

Only he's from before....w-well before a lot. He thinks it is 1812.  

A. If she knows you at all. Ukraine is showing up at your house. Knocking on the door.
B. Inside the house, she is working on some knitting. 
C. In the park, shush, go away. Nothing is going on here. Ukraine is just practising with her sword.]
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[Brother was still gone. And it still hurt. Because that ...thing, accent-less, America praising...thing, was not him. He hadn't even gotten all awkward when she brought him a sunflower. Or tried to make her stay over for a few days.

She never thought she'd miss being tricked into spending a weekend at his house.

But life goes on, and so does she. Only she's been a lot quieter lately. You can find her

A. At work in the flower shop. She's a little distracted as she arranges some flowers. They're not sunflowers. She's been avoiding those recently.

B. Sitting off to the side in the park on a bench. She's not crying, really. It's just...the light, dirt, something stuck in her eyes.

C. Outside her house, she's trying to cheer herself up by working in the garden, you can find her there humming her national anthem as she works, a little sadder sounding then she usually sounds with this tune.]
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 [Filtered to brother]

Brother, those memories were not real. That boy is just a friend. Do not bother him.

[Filtered to Akane.]

....ah. I'm v-very sorry for brother....and....all that. ....other...things...

[Action: At home Ukraine is in a much better mood then she was only that morning. She's listening to some music in the living room. She got some Ukrainian music back you see. She is listening to it, this song in particular, as she looks through a box of what looks like pencils and small dishes. After a while.]

Ah, hello this is Ukraine. I know it's still a while till Easter and...some people don't have that holiday at all. But I was thinking about decorating some eggs. If anyone would like to learn how to make pysanky, I'd be happy to teach them.
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 [Ukraine has not been having a good time lately. First Roshian, then Luke....and then....and then....

Sister, even Pamela seemed to be gone. With a sigh she picks up the phone.]

Ah..I'm s-sorry to bother people....b-but has anyone else noticed there....are a lot of people being droned recently? 

......Garnet and Pamela are gone. is s-sister....and R-Roshian....

[Trying not to cry so much, it's not working well.

Fail filter to Russia]

Brother?....Sis-sister didn't do anything to get in trouble did she?....

And....and can I come over and see you?
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 [Ukraine picks up the phone, a nervous wreak...more so then usual.]

Sister, brother! Where are you. Please tell me you're alright!

[Action: You can also find Ukraine running around town searching for her brother and sister. For some reason she seems to think they're starving... it might have something to do with her present]
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 Vietnam! I finished your scarf! Do you want me to drop it off at your house?

If anyone else would like a scarf, or a hat, or mittens to keep out the cold I would be glad to make you some. It's not nearly as cold as winter at home but it's very important to stay warm. 

Brother, sister! Remember to wear your warm clothes when you go out. I don't wan't you to catch a cold!

[Filtered/action to family]

Ah Pamela, Garnet. I was wondering, do you have Christmas in your worlds?
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 [Well Ukraine hasn't learned that sometimes trying to help someone can be bad for your health. Or mental health. And so Ukraine now think's it's the 1300's and can be found searching the town for her younger brother and sister. Well little Kiev is walking around looking for Rus and Bel that is.]

Brother...Sister? Where are you?

Please stop hiding from big not funny.

[All replies will be from [ profile] tinykiev]
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 [Dying was like the pain of Chernobyl. Only this one brought a longer period of blackness. At home you may  find her looking around the wreckage.]

Ah,. Just wanted to say that everyone should be careful. Th-the men in the suits broke into our house ye-yesterday....and killed entire family. 

Ju-just thought I should say th-that. ...Probably already know. 

[Yes she is shaken.]
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[Ukraine woke up in her nice warm bed. And after a moment of shocked laying there, ran to the washroom and was sick.  It takes a while but later on Tuesday Morning there will be an open call to everyone but Roshia and Belarus. Her voice is attempting to be calm but it's not working well. She sounds lik she has been crying.] so, so sorry for anything I said yesterday. I...don't know how I could horrible things.

[Filtered to Belarus]

....will understand if you hate me. ....Am so sorry sister. I...I don't know why I was acting like that. I...I re...really don't think of you like that...just to l...let you know.

[Filtered to Roshia]

.....[This was the hardest call to make. She'd said horrible things...but. She'd killed her for them. But at the same time. She wasn't so muddled and ...]

Thank you for doing that Sist-....

-am sorry...will understand if you do not wish to hear from me ever again. But just wanted to appologize first.

I...don't know how I could do such horrible things to you.
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[Ukraine picked up the phone as she waved to one of her drone children.]

Oh hello? Was just calling to say if there are any people still blind there is a small boy that-

[There's a mumble as a drone comes up to her holding soemthing]

Ah, mail for me? Well mother's on the phone right now sweety...are you sure?....alright....

[She takes the envelope that her child gave to her and starts to open it as she continues]

Ah am sorry, was just saying that this boy is able to heal you if you're.....still....bli-

[The phone is dropped with a thud as Ukraine stares at the picture that was in the envelope. It's a building with a number 4 on it]


[And if you're listening on the other end you can hear a shriek of pain as Ukraine falls to her knees.]
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[.....she was trying to keep calm. She was trying very hard to keep calm. She is the eldest she needs to be the strong one.....she had to be strong like Vietnam said. Her voice is strained but unwavering. ]

Brother, sister. Are you alright?

Luke....please Roshia. Is Luke alright?


Was anyone else blinded?



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